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Him or It? The Living Christ or Dead Theology?

Dr. Forsyth, a Scotsman from the granite city of Aberdeen, was born with a granite character, and when he became enamored with Christ, he became His ardent and devoted servant. This Scottish theologian, minister, and principal of a Congregational college might have been overwhelmed by the liberal theology in which he was nurtured, had it not been for his personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.


As a prophet to his Congregational Union, “He warned his age,” said his biographer W.L. Bradley, “of the vitiating (demoralizing) effect of an emphasis upon a sentimental interpretation of Christianity at the expense of the holy.”

Dr. Forsyth was also aware of the erroneous conception of love so prevalent both in his day and in ours and comments thus: “We follow the age and rely on a religion of love—but love which is in most cases, more amiable, perhaps, than effective. We make love a sentiment rather than a principle, and we work by emotion to the neglect of character.”

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