Judgment Day Is Not a Theology Test

Judgment Day

For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. (2 Co. 5:10)

What’s the boldest example of evangelism that you have ever seen? For me, it was when I was fresh out of anesthesia school. I was working in a hospital that employed a lot of foreign medical students and residents. Because of all the students, the operating rooms there were usually bustling with all kinds of people—not just the surgeons and their residents, but the X-ray people had their trainees, the scrub techs had their trainees, the lab techs had theirs, etc … I guess you get the idea—the operating rooms were packed!

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The Lion, The Witch, and the Happy Meal: ChristianBeware!


At the end of a short visit with my brother and his family this past weekend in South Carolina, we said our last goodbyes over a late night dinner at the local McDonald’s.

I don’t care much for fast food—especially McDonald’s—but facing a 13 hour drive home we agreed with my brother that it might make a nice grand finale for all our children.

My brother and I grew up at total odds when it came to spiritual things, he an agnostic evolutionist, and me the professing fundamentalist. It seemed we were always at odds on just about every topic. Looking back, I regret most of those debates we had in our childhood. 

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The Christian’s PET SIN

Watching television

What is it? Gambling? Liquor, white-collar crime, or sexual immorality? No. It is the use of television.

What began as a scientific breakthrough in the late 40’s with the promise of much good for mankind, has now been used of Satan as an insidious purveyor of filth, obscenity, perversion, violence, and liberal left-wing ideology.

The proliferation of television sets in America has become widespread. Now one could pass by even the poorest of welfare recipients any night of the week, and see the flickering of the TV through the window. He would be undoubtedly watching his favorite filth in living color in the same way as the wealthy. One may do without a telephone or an automobile, but to be without a television would be unthinkable! Many homes have several sets to have more convenient access to their favorite sin.

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