Do We Treasure God’s Word?

Greetings to all of you, dear brothers and sisters in Christ from our little house in Bunbonayili. Trust that all is well with you in heart and soul and that you have entered the new year with a heart full, not of New Year’s resolutions, but of the Holy Spirit! If we would be more resolute about maintaining our walk in grace, I think most of our resolutions would be unnecessary. I do not have any major new determinations for this year, but I am setting myself and yielding my heart afresh to walk with Jesus on a daily basis. Maybe one of the reasons so many are disappointed in their ability to fulfill their New Year’s promises is that they are made too far into the future. God’s commands are almost always given for us to obey in the present time, and as we obey what is set before us now, we are blessed now!

I am reminded of the song/chorus which says: “Moment by moment I’m kept in His love; moment by moment I’ve life from above. Looking to Jesus ‘til glory doth shine; moment by moment, O Lord, I am thine.” Let’s walk with Him totally and truly right now, in this moment of time, and just trust that as we walk with Him, He will do in us all that is necessary to ensure our future walking with Him. A clear and free relationship with Jesus today is all that God asks of us, and truly, nothing we could do would better prepare us for walking with Him in the future than to be 100% yielded and clear before Him now. Do not allow the fear of future failure to limit the heights to which your relationship with Him could soar now in this moment, “for He is faithful that has promised.” In this new year, filled with spiritual and physical uncertainties, let’s set our hearts to walk with Him just for this day, and then give it our best grace-enabled effort! Out of the close relationship that will result will come a tremendous motivation to stay close, and a deep security for our spiritual future.

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The Hammer

The Hammer

John Dan Miller felt a surge of anger as he approached a certain point on his regular weekend travel to and from Bloomfield, Ohio—the certain point just a short distance ahead where that sign was located! What would he not do if he could get hold of the person who had put it up? The sign, figuratively, had been hitting him in the face for some weeks past!

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The Acts of the Apostles Blueprint for World Missions

Jesus found in His Father’s Word full provision to meet His every need during His life and ministry. The Word was His sword in temptation, His stay in trial, and His guide in teaching. Its prophecies were the seals of His messiahship, its precepts the rule of His obedience and its promises the balm for His suffering. Through life He had no grander theme, and in death no richer legacy. Modern critics often handle it with irreverent hands, but to Him it was sacred in every part.

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“How shall they preach, except they be sent?”

2483A warrior stole through the field and into the woods. Slung across his shoulders was a quiver filled with the finest arrows. The arrows had been made by his own hand and fitted with the best feathers. Great care had been taken to ensure that every arrow was straight. The tips had been carefully set and honed to a razor-sharp edge. He put his hand up to the quiver and felt the fine, feathered tips. He felt good about the quality of arrows that he had. He remembered the many hours and even days he had spent on preparing his arrows. He even felt somewhat secure with so many top-quality arrows in his quiver.

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The Radical Example of Moravian Missions


A large part of Moravian history took place in 1727 when the original Moravian Church received a visitation of God’s Spirit. The Moravian Church today is very different than the one I found in the history books. Most of them have lost what they had in their beginning. Oh, the challenge this is to us, lest we also go the same way and lose the testimony of our sanctified name. God encourages us in Psalm 48 to keep looking at Zion, the church. “Walk about Zion, and go round about her: tell the towers thereof” (v.12). That word tell means, “get a good long look at them.” “Mark ye well her bulwarks, consider her palaces.” Why? “That ye may tell it to the generation following” (v.13). Why? “For this God is our God for ever and ever. He will be our guide even unto death” (v.14). As I understand God’s heart in these verses, God is telling us that we should be looking back to see what Zion was like, to remember what God did in days gone by. As we bring that before our children, we recognize that the God of the Moravians is also our God today. We then can spur the next generation on to grow up dreaming dreams and seeing visions of beautiful things that God can do

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A Twelve-Year-Old Missionary


Years ago when Robert Moffat was in Africa, he traveled far into the interior. One day he came to a tree upon which a board was fixed, saying that a Christian school was to be found in a village not far away.

He was amazed, for he believed himself to be the first white man in that part. Making his way toward the village, he met a little native girl about twelve years of age, to whom he said: “I saw a board fastened to a tree saying that there was a Christian school held in the village; would you be so good to lead me to the teacher?”

The little girl hung her head shyly and made no reply.

Do you know the teacher?” he asked. She replied this time with a nod.

“Well who is the teacher? He persisted. Looking up into his face now, but still shyly, she answered, “I am the teacher.”

Mr. Moffat discovered that the little girl had once been taken to a distant tribe, where she heard a missionary tell the people of the love of Jesus; and she had now become the first missionary to her own people.

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