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Mothers, Sing with Your Children!

The Sisters' Corner

That they may teach the young women...


It’s the end of the day, and you have five things to do before supper is on the table.

The preschoolers are tired and grumpy, and your husband is late getting home again.

What do you do?


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Vessels in God’s House

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Sharpened Words. In Psalm 144, the Psalmist David likens our sons to “plants grown up in their youth.” The picture here is of a mature plant that has just reached the point of bearing fruit. It is still young and vibrant, not old, and it is bearing fruit. This surely is the goal of every sincere parent. There is nothing else quite like a godly young person who is full of holy, God-glorifying fruit. This stands out even more in the present state of our nation. Generation X has very little purpose. They stand for nothing. This is not entirely their fault. Very little has been put into them by their parents. The plants have not been nurtured.

There is much insight that we can glean from King David’s graphic words. Raising up a generation of children who bear godly fruit in their youth is just like raising up tender plants to the fruit-bearing stage. It requires much time and attention. If you neglect the basic principles of farming, guess what—you won’t get much of a crop! Our precious children are much the same, only the growing season is about twenty years instead of four months. We only have one opportunity. It is important that we read the grower’s manual often and follow its directives with care.

Teaching and training these little plants is like nurturing a small tomato plant. This process is likened unto watering, pruning, weeding, and fertilizing the children God has entrusted into our care. We desire to be a help and an encouragement to you as you seek to fulfill your calling with your children. Happy teaching. –The Editors

God bless you as you teach!

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