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Stephanus' Testimony

I came to a knowledge and deep conviction of sin and my desperate lack of righteousness and of Christ’s righteousness and holiness and judgment in March 1992.

After coming out of the military in 1991 I had started catching wild animals with a team of game catchers. On one of these trips while catching Impala in the Northern part of South Africa, I got malaria without knowing it. A week later I got sick. I got worse and worse and then one morning very early in the morning my Aunt took me to the doctor and he diagnosed me with malaria (our home area of South Africa does not have malaria so most doctors are not even looking out for it and often the malaria then goes so far that people die from it). Coming back from the doctor that morning, I was in the passenger seat laying down, looking at the majestic sandstone cliffs on the mountains in our area. The sun was just coming out behind the mountain that was still covered with a blanket of clouds now turned golden yellow with orange and red and a silver edge to the cloud. It was a beautiful sight and at first I was appreciating it as anyone would. But then in one moment it was as if God himself shone a light on His awesome creation and I laid in awe as I sensed God’s Holiness of Character, purity and beauty in all this. It was an amazing touch. The very next moment while I was still in awe about this the same light turned and shone into my heart. Immediately I came under such a deep sense of conviction of sin and unrighteousness. I saw the most horrible corruption & rottenness, so opposite from what God is.

In the light of this revelation I did not try to look my best. I knew I was utterly lost and hell bound. I started crying right there, without being able to help it, as a 21 year old man, with the reality of eternal death in my face because of my sin-cursed life. I told the Lord then, “Lord, just take my life and do with it whatever you want. I made a mess out of my life, I messed it up. Just take it and do whatever You want with it.” I was so thankful that He did not take my life while I was sick with malaria because I was not ready to meet Him face to face.

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Rose's Testimony

I used to think I didn't have much of a testimony but the older I get the more I realize how my testimony is actually a testimony of the wonderful keeping grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My mother was diligent to teach us children the way to the cross and she says that I prayed many times even when I was very small and asked Jesus to be my Saviour. But the time that I remember and that really made an impact in my life happened when I was eight years old.

As a family we were missionaries at this time in Chiclayo, Trujillo, and in the mountains in Peru, South America. My father preached in the churches in town and in various villages in the mountains. My mother taught music to the choir at church, did sewing for people in need, and homeschooled us six children of which I was the third oldest.

I was eight years old when my Sunday School teacher was giving a lesson on heaven and hell and I remember realizing with strong conviction that I was on my way to hell. When the teacher gave opportunity for prayer afterwards I gave my heart and life to the Lord and put my trust in Jesus to be my Saviour. The teacher actually made the comment that I was the missionary's child and gave the impression that she didn't think I needed to do that. But I knew in my heart that I had been convicted and I knew that something had happened, something had changed inside of me.

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From Africa

The van der Merwe familyI am delighted to write a brief update about the Lord’s work here in Namibia, especially in our lives. We have quite a story to tell of God’s dealings with us until now. We started out totally ignorant and for that reason many unpleasant things were used of God to show us on the way that we are in today. I am sure we must be among those with whom God is most patient. Many things could have been avoided would there have been more mature brothers around to lead us by their example. But alas, we were alone in Africa; seeking God with thousands of other confused “Christians” around; only the Lord could help us.

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Beyond Obedience

As a child Growing up in New York City I heard nothing about submission. I was married when I was thirty-two, and it was around that time I first started hearing about the idea of obeying your husband. I thought, “Oh, okay, I’ll obey him.” But I had no idea how unsubmissive I really was. It was not until later that the Lord showed me my attitudes, my controlling spirit and other destructive areas of my life.

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The Personal Testimony

I was brought up in the Church of England and was pretty religious—so most people thought. I was taken to church and baptized the right day, and after a time I was confirmed and took communion. But I did not know anything about Jesus Christ personally. I knew a little about Him, as I may know a little about President Taft, but I did not know Him. There was not a moment in my life when I ever doubted that there was a God, or that Jesus Christ was the Savior of the world; but I did not know Him as my personal Savior. We boys were brought up to go to church regularly, but, although we had a kind of religion, it was not a religion that amounted to much. It was just like having a toothache. We were always sorry to have Sunday come, and glad when we came to Monday morning. The Sabbath was the dullest day of the whole week, and just because we got hold of the wrong end of religion. A man may get hold of the wrong end of a poker, and I got hold of the wrong end of religion and had to pay dearly for it. We had lots of ministers and lots of churches all around us, but we never saw such a thing as a real convert. We didn’t believe much in converts in those days. We thought that the Chinese and Africans had to be converted; but the idea of an Englishman being converted was absurd, because it made him out a heathen before he was converted.

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